Concise user guide of TAP system - NADC

TAP system is developed by National Astronomical Data Center (aka. China-VO), and the manual is a simple guide on how to use the system to create, edit and submit a proposal of TAP on line. Please note that the current release is just a beta version, and the whole functionality of it is not complete. If you have any problem in use, please contact us through the email: support(at)

Step 1: register and login

NOTE: TAP system has shifted to the new NADC Passport ( for user authentication. If you have any problem during login or registration, please click the help link or contact us through support(at)

login of TAP system
Fig.1 Login of TAP system through NADC Passport

If you login through third-party authentication systems, such as the CSTCloud, due to the cooperation problem of CSTCloud passport and our system, sometimes, when you successfully login, the CSTCloud will redirect you to the portal page of NADC instead of TAP system. When this happens, you have to manually enter the address of TAP ( in web browser.

Register suggestion for foreign researchers:
We highly recommended you use the new NADC Passport to login, because its registration process only need to verify your email. If you still use the CSTCloud (not recommended now), our previous user management system, a valid mobile phone number is necessary. Particularly when registering the passport of CSTCloud, if you use a Chinese mobile phone number, Chinese citizen identity number(身份证), not the PASSPORT of your own country, will be required. In the case, we suggest you should better to use a phone number of your own country (not Chinese) to receive the check code.

register with a Chinese mobile phone number register with a foreign mobile phone number
Fig.2 Citizen ID is optional when using a phone number outside of China in CSTCloud.

Step 2: choose an open session to prepare your proposal

There are two ways to start a new application.
The first is through user's workbench: you can enter the workbench by clicking the corresponding link at the upper right corner of TAP homepage. All available opening sessions are listed, and you can choose one session to start your application.
The second is through user's menu in the left, click the menu button My proposals, you can manage (create/update/submit/delete) all proposals of yourself, including historical records.

login of TAP system
Fig.3 Start to manage your proposal

Step 3: edit the content of proposal

Observation Report and Publications

If your proposal had been supported, please report the progress of your observation to the TAP committee timely, and the timeliness and quality of your report is very important to whether your next application should be approved preferentially.

upload observation report and publications
Fig.4 Upload observation report and publications.

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updated by China-VO Team at 2/22/2022.